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Today, most of us rely on external sources of finance for our big and small day-to-day requirements, which results in bad credit for most of us. It becomes a little hard to find loans for individuals with bad credit. They have to pay interest rates higher than those applying for loans with good credit history. A bad credit depicts your sincerity in previous financial obligations. brings a simplified way to meet any financial need despite bad credit history. We at completely understand the plight of the borrower and are thus ready to offer a helping hand to such individuals.

A simple way to qualify for a bad credit loan at a nominal rate is by providing some asset to serve as collateral. In this way, you will be sharing the risk with the lender, and thus you may find a bad credit loan at a competitive interest rate. With secured bad credit loans, you can borrow from £5000 to £75000, for 5 to 25 years. We have initiated our services through the online mode so that you can reach us with a click of the mouse.

Loans For Bad Credit: Bad Days And Bad Moods Are Over

The poor credit holders are going to get good financial relief now. Though several loans have newly been implemented to help them in their needs among all those the loan for bad credit are worth mentioning. These loans have every capacity in it to please a borrower with required funds, and in fact, there is no question for one to get troubles or problems in getting the loan.

Particular attention is being paid in these loans, and no borrower gets to be deprived of it. The only eligibility required to get these loans is that the borrower will have to be a bad credit holder.

Other than that, no more grounds of qualification are there. So, all poor records are eligible for it, and these include:

  • Skipping of instalments
  • Defaults
  • Bankruptcy
  • Arrears
  • Late payment or
  • CCJs

You can either get the secured loans or the unsecured loans for bad credit. The secured loans are not for all; only those can get these who are capable enough to place their valuable assets as collateral. That collateral can be anything like a car, home or stocks, and bonds. So, if you are a non-homeowner, you cannot get these loans. The amount that can be borrowed by one range from £5,000 to £75,000 and the repayment term is 5 to 25 years. The rates of interest in it use to be very low.

But in the unsecured loans, collateral is not required. Without worrying about the security, you can borrow £1,000 to £25,000 for 1 to 10 years. So, your financial issues will surely be solved from now on. However, you will have to manage to pay a bit high-interest rate in these loans. Otherwise, there are other options too. You can opt for other loans that are suitable with low-interest rates.

Bad Credit Unsecured Loan

You may avail a Bad Credit Unsecured Loan if you have a bad credit history, but you do not offer your property as collateral.

Bad Credit Unsecured Loans are specially designed for non-homeowners, private tenants and council tenants who have a poor credit score and cannot offer collateral. Homeowners who do not want to offer their house as security may also apply for Unsecured Loans.

The turnaround time of a Bad Credit Unsecured Loan, from filling up the application to receiving an answer and ultimately the loan, is much faster than the turnaround time of a Secured Loan. This is because there is no need for the valuation of any property in case of an Unsecured Loan.

However, the interest rates, repayment terms, and loan amount vary according to the financial situation and the credit history of different borrowers.

You can use an Unsecured Bad Credit Loan for any purpose. It can be used to buy a car, to pay college fees, for home improvement, to finance a holiday trip, etc.

Features of Bad Credit Secured Loans:

  • They are given against the security of property. In a case of default, the lender may repossess the borrower’s property to recover his loss.
  • They are designed specifically for those borrowers who have a bad credit history.
  • They carry high rates of interest as they are offered to the borrowers with a poor credit score. Lenders consider such borrowers as high-risk borrowers.

They are termed as Secured Loan because they require your home or other valuable assets as collateral. The presence of collateral creates a positive effect on the rate of interest and the loan terms. You thus get a loan at a low-interest rate and longer repayment tenure.

The options available to borrowers having a bad credit history are relatively less in comparison to those who have a good credit rating. Lenders are usually unwilling to grant loans to those borrowers who have a bad credit history. However, many lenders offer a variety of Bad Credit Secured Loans. A bad credit history includes arrears, default, county court judgments’, bankruptcy, etc.

We at may help you avail one of the best Bad Credit Secured Loan and Bad Credit Unsecured Loan in the UK Market that matches your requirements and affordability.

Convenient and easy finance

While approving any financial assistance, lenders usually check the credentials of the applicant such as financial stability, repaying capability and credit profile. Those with a good credit profile can easily access the loans. However, those with serious credit defaults and tagged as bad credit borrower will have to face a lot of problems. Lenders do not simply prefer to approve any financial assistance. But with loans for bad credit, applicants with bad credit problems can acquire monetary assistance, so as to stabilise the financial condition.

Multiple credit deficits such as CCJs, IVA, arrears, defaults does not matter at all while availing these loans. The loans offer the much need financial relief, which then empowers the applicants to tackle needs like paying off medical bills, renovation of a home, purchasing a car, education expenses, marriage, etc. the loans can also be used to consolidate debts, so that the applicants can resolve the credit crisis.

On the contrary, no such collateral is required while applying for an unsecured form of the loans. This option is ideal for those who are in need of small finances. Before straightaway signing, any deal, collect and compare the rate quotes of various lenders. You can also make use of the online services to compare the free quotes. This way, you will be in a position to get access to a low rate deal. 

Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

Bad credit mortgage loans are the best and possibly the only option for you if you have bad credit and want to get some financial help to buy a home. Because when it comes to normal types of mortgage loans, your credit score plays a very big and major rule about whether your application is approved or not.

So if you have bad credit, chances are very high that you can get any other type of loan to buy your home. But don’t worry because the great news is, you can still get a bad credit mortgage loan easily using special lenders that understand your situation and are willing to help you.

Some Things You Can’t Avoid about Your Mortgage:

Some things are unavoidable about mortgages. One of them is the interest rate which is almost always higher than other regular mortgage loans. Also, the time limit that you get to pay back your bad credit mortgage will be less than normal loans.

For example is someone with good credit can get a 15-year time limit to pay back the loan, you may get only six years at most for the same.

Bad Credit Mortgage Lender

Most lenders don’t offer services to people with bad credit, still many reputable lenders who understand your situation and are willing to help you by providing bad credit mortgage loans.

Even though bad credit loans always have a higher interest rate and payments, but if the reason for your bad credit has been because of uncontrollable circumstances, here is a technique to get better rates…

Explain the situation to the lender and have him look at your credit history. When he sees you are a trustworthy person and the circumstances were out of your hand, he may offer better rates.

Negotiating the mortgage rates is truly an art. So if you can make a good impression on the lender, your chances are high to get a more affordable rate and save lots of money. But still, some lenders are very strict and don’t accept any negotiations. So it is a matter of searching and finding the best choice for YOU.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance 

Bad credit mortgage refinances becoming more and more common because more people are falling into the bad credit score problem that then avoids them from using many helpful financial benefits.

One of them is getting a home mortgage loan or refinancing your loan. So if you too have a bad credit or poor credit, you can use bad credit mortgage refinance services and companies to refinance your mortgage.

You can also use a free mortgage calculator to find out the monthly payments you’ll need to pay in the future. As rates for bad credit mortgages are various in every company you go, the rates in refinancing your mortgages are very different too.

Other than rates, it is also very important to test the customer service of the mortgage company you are planning to use. Because you don’t want to go with a company that looks caring and helpful in the beginning, but forgets about you and leaves you in the cold just as soon as you sign the mortgage refinance contract with them.

Consolidation Credit

Using credit cards makes it easier to purchase items for a person who would usually not have enough money. Thus, some people abuse their credit card use up to a point wherein they are in very serious debt. These people would need consolidation credit just to get their records in a good status. Some companies help people in getting a consolidation credit. These companies may ask for small fees to start the consolidation credit. Although the person shells off money to pay for the consolidation credit, the rewards from this action outweigh the overall expenses.

How consolidation credit works

The companies that offer consolidation credit may handle the payment of the debts acquired by their client. However, the client usually signs an agreement that makes him pay for the expenses of those who handle consolidation credit. This may be a good or bad thing depending on the point of view of the client. Some people feel better since the consolidation credit was done to the banks while others feel like they are in bigger debt since they are now paying higher to another company. They would think that the consolidation credit is not worth it, even if the result means a good credit record with banks.

Applying for consolidation credit

It is not very easy to apply for a consolidation credit. The companies would ask for certain documents to prove that the applicant can pay up for the consolidation credit. Some people believe that they are in better hands with companies that offer consolidation credit. They would rather pay up to these companies than with the banks. The consolidation credit is simply given to the banks to repair their credit standing. The person would have a clean slate with the banks but are now indebted to the consolidation credit company. Thus, the company needs to make sure that the potential client can pay.

Before getting a consolidation credit, people should think of ways where they can save a lot of money. Controlling credit card use is the best method on how people can avoid the point when they need to use consolidation credit. Many people around the world acquire their debt through the misuse of their cards. They would resort to getting consolidation credit just to have a good record. Some people think that having a good record is not important. However, legal actions can be given to those who are in debt but do not have consolidation credit.

Are Debt Consolidation Companies A Bad Idea?

Some people think that debt consolidation companies are a bad idea and this is a common misconception. They can sometimes be confused with unscrupulous services that take your money and do very little in return. However, if you find a trustworthy business and check, you can find a reliable service that will provide a great deal of financial assistance.

If you have a lot of unsecured loans, you may do well to consolidate. Many of these loans are charge cards and carry a very high rate of interest. A consolidating service will help you find a loan for much less interest.

Most debt consolidation companies work with people that have credit problems. If you are facing the possibility of bankruptcy, it is best to talk to professionals that can help. It may not be easy to find financing for loans if your credit rating is not good. A consolidating service has business contacts with many different lenders, and they can find you a loan that you will qualify for, and it will meet your financial needs.

If you have several student loans, you may wish to consolidate them into one loan, for convenience and lower monthly payments. In essence, your loans are bought by the government. The loans are then re-issued at the present annual percentage rate.

There are several benefits to consolidating federal student loans. You will not need a consolidating service as the United Kingdom government helps with the process. Since the UK government handles the matter, you do not have to pay any kinds of fees. This process is similar to refinancing loans. However, loan interest rates are not lowered; they are locked in so they cannot go up in the future.

Even though one does not require debt consolidation companies for student loans, many can provide valuable assistance. You might not have to pay any fees, as the company is reimbursed with federal government subsidies. When you use a professional service, there is very little work to do, as they take care of the process on your behalf.

If you own property, it will be much easier to consolidate your bills. You can take out a home equity loan or refinance your existing one. If your auto is paid for, you can also use it as collateral. You can consolidate debts on your own this way. However, debt consolidation companies provide a great deal of assistance and will help you find financing with the lowest interest rates and best terms possible.

What Is The Best Way To Reduce Credit Debt?

The number of people that are facing some form of financial struggle or difficulty continues to rise with each passing day. Many of the people suffering from this type of issue are finding it difficult to keep up with monthly financial obligations which make it difficult to begin to pay down as many previous debts as possible that have been allowed to accumulate. People facing this complication should be versed in the various aspects of debt consolidation loans.

The process of consolidating debts into one lump sum is usually sought after by people struggling to keep up with their payments. This is usually a process offered from one specific lender that is capable of providing the funds necessary to pay off all creditors with the dollar amount that is approved. These loans are now very commonly found on specific websites that focus on financial relief.

Consumers that are considering the consolidation process have a wealth of options and opportunities available to them. These are options and opportunities that are often difficult to sort through and weigh in when making an ultimate choice. Keeping several facets in mind often guides anyone through this process successfully.

A very basic consideration within this process is ensuring a detailed understanding of how much money is needed is acquired. Gathering up all the bills that have accumulated and adding them up helps ensure that the correct dollar amount is applied for. This is crucial for making sure the entire process is as comprehensive as possible.

Consumers should also thoroughly understand what requirements are set forth by the lender being used for the loan process. All lenders are specific in requiring people to be at least 18 years of age and be able to prove their monthly income as well as have a valid checking account. There are also often dollar amounts of debt that people must fall into which should be closely considered as well.

The funds being offered should be available through the use of a reputable website. The reputation of the lender is crucial in establishing how effective they are at providing funds and paying down lenders. Consumers should also expect to receive the funds within one week of being approved.

Finally, debt consolidation loans should only be considered after reviewing their payment options. Paying down the funds that have been offered should be affordable and simple to administer. This is typically associated with a low-interest rate and automatic deductions from a checking account.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Worried about the approval of the application for your bad credit car loans? You can finally relax because, at Loans2payday Auto Loans, we have put together a bad credit car loans qualifier that quickly approves your loan application. Our unique service is known for its safe and fast auto loan approval process. Most importantly, our quick and easy system can be equally useful for subprime loans; auto loans with good credit, bad credit used car loans, and even no credit. Applicants turned down by other companies due to bankruptcy, or poor credit will find all the essential auto loan related support at Loans2payday Auto Loans. All our loan applicants qualify for instant car loans, irrespective of their credit history.

How Our Bad Credit Car Loans System Functions

Our simple and safe car loan approval system for bad credit borrowers revolves around our nationwide network of car dealerships and lending companies that have an extraordinary reputation in the industry for offering quick service to bad credit or no credit customers. Down payment is often considered to be necessary criteria to qualify for an auto loan. However, zero or no money down financing options are available for the customers of Loans2payday Auto Loans. Recently we have also started offering auto loan service for students, too. Anyone can qualify now for the easy auto loan with our service. Our service is tailored to get you back on quickly and safely comparing to other auto lending service providers.

Reliable Bad Credit Car Loans Finance Rates

Since years, we have been offering finance rates for good credit, bad credit, and no credit auto loans that are second to none in the market. We are also proactive to help our customers with interest rates that they can afford easily. Our system is tailor made to serve customers with poor credit. Therefore, most of our auto loan applicants receive extremely low rates of interest. Have you been rejected by lenders for your poor credit? Bring all your troubles to us. We not only accept applications from everyone but also do everything possible to provide them with an easy auto loan with great interest rates.

Relax! Leave the Approval of Car Loans for Bad Credit Process to Us

Through years of hard work, Loans2payday Auto Loans is considered the number one auto loan service provider in the local as well as the national market. We have worked out an approval process that is faster comparing to any other online or offline service provider. We empathise with thousands of people who fail to qualify for their car loan or student auto loan due to a problematic credit history. Submission of loan application is the first step in our approval process. These applications are then run through our huge network of bad credit lending companies. This network allows us to quickly offer approval to almost all applicants. Loans2payday Auto Loans never turns down bad credit applicants, and you may get your approval within just one minute.

High-Risk Auto Loan Customers

We have observed that many high-risk finance consumers have got themselves into trouble with their previous auto loans. Surprisingly, many customers end up signing a contract for expensive cars that they can’t afford, and they signed up because they failed to understand the process and thought that they could afford the same. Most of these situations can be avoided if the consumers take the time to understand the process thoroughly.

The foremost task for you before even thinking of applying for a car loan is to be well aware of the contents of your credit report. You are entitled to receive a free copy of your credit report per year from all three credit bureaus. Also, you must know at least one of your credit scores. Consumers with a FICO score above 660 can easily qualify for car loans from a credit union, bank, or captive finance service provider at prime interest rates. However, those with less than the specified score may have to apply for a subprime car loan or BHPH auto loans. Therefore, it is always better not to apply for a conventional car loan without good credit score because it is more likely to be turned down due to the business risk.

Budgeting for your High-Risk Auto Loan

Determination of the budget is another important thing to do, particularly if you have credit problems which could cause a transaction risk. Apart from the car payment, do not forget to include the cost of car insurance with full coverage and gas. Calculate your payment to income and debt to income ratio by comparing earning and expenses. The next step would be to carry out extensive research to find out the cars that fit your budget and have less operating expenses. Be very careful while opting for backend products sold by the dealerships. It is better to avoid all these products other than Gap insurance and car service contract for old cars.

Instead of doing all the hard work on your own, it is certainly a better idea to bring all your car credit related concerns to us. At Loans2payday Auto Loans, we offer specialised service for bad credit consumers. Apply today and qualify within a minute for your car loan regardless of your credit history.

Rent to Own Cars and Financing

Is rent to own cars the best choice when looking for a new vehicle? Anyone with sub-par credit that is considering buying a new car should fully understand why some dealers do not care about their credit situation, and others view the matter with great importance.

We at Loans2payday Auto Loans do know the difference due to our history of work with bad credit auto loans and vehicle purchasing. In this post, we will try to explain best the differences between our network of dealers, and those dealers that advertise rent to own trucks, cars, and other vehicles. Also, before leaving be sure to fill out our auto loan application where we accept 98.9% of all applications.

Rent to Own Cars or Vehicle Leasing

The words “Renting and Leasing” are commonly thrown around, and in general understood to mean the same thing. They are not the same thing, however, and dealers who are offering rent-to-own cars are banking on the fact that most car loan shoppers don’t know the difference.

Traditionally, when leasing a vehicle, the customer only pays monthly fees for the usage of the vehicle. This applies to 2-year leases, and you will eventually pay for 24 months of interest, as well as a fee based on the car’s depreciation in value. Typically, new car leases do not require a down payment, this is because the individual leasing the vehicle is almost always “Inverted” (The car itself is not as valuable as the buyout) during the car’s lease (Most leases are designed so that the vehicle is only worth its buyout by the end of the lease period).

Because clients who use leases usually do not have any of their money invested in a down payment that could upset potential losses if they should walk away from the car, lenders usually lease to higher risk than retail financing and usually save this option for the most qualified applicants – those with good or excellent credit.

Financing for Rent to Own Vehicles

Rent to own cars, however, are much more like buy here pay here (BHPH) programs. This means that loans acquired at rent to own lots will require large down payments as well as high monthly interest rates. Rent to own customers that cannot pay their dues on time, deal with the rental company. Failing to follow the terms of the rental contract will result in the repossession of the car.

Pros and Cons of Rent to Own Vehicles

These are the basic facts of rent to own vehicles.


  • Most rental vehicles are much less pricey; many people choose to pay weekly.
  • Payments are made in person; this means that you will have a better-established relationship with your agent.
  • Many rental companies do not require a credit check before lending a car.
  • For those with very bad credit, rent to own cars may be their only choice.


  • Rent to own cars typically do not check in with credit bureaus
  • Rent to own vehicles are usually older and therefore more likely to be unreliable.
  • It can be a hassle to make payments each week on location.

Our take on the matter

Those looking for cheap transportation outside of used cars have the best bet with rent to own vehicles. For those looking to fix their credit situation, rent to own vehicles may not be the safest option. It is a better option for most to begin re-building credit, possibly by getting a bad credit auto loan to purchase a car, and then make payment. View Loans2payday Auto Loans’ bad credit loans here, instead of going for rent to own vehicles, and enjoy our 98.9% Application Acceptance record.

How to Use Bad Credit Auto Loans to Rebuild Credit

When you have bad credit, no one needs to tell you that it can be difficult to find a car loan with bad credit. With the recent tightening of the credit markets, even people with a few small mistakes on their credit reports have discovered that it can be next to impossible to get a credit card, much less a mortgage or a car loan. Even if your credit is not as good as it could be, though, you more than likely have to have a car, and getting a car loan with poor credit could be the answer.

Many people can relate when it comes to bad credit auto loans. They need a car to get to work so that they can earn enough money to improve their credit. Fortunately, banks and car dealerships have responded to this need by offering car loans for people with bad credit. If you’re thinking about using one of these loans, however, you should certainly try to understand how they work.

Do I need a poor credit auto loan?

The first step to figuring out if you need a bad credit car loan is determining if you need a loan at all. In general, there are three ways to get a car: Pay cash, lease, or get a loan.

Many financial experts state that the best way to buy a car is to pay cash. While it’s certainly ideal to avoid paying interest, the truth is that paying cash for a car is not a practical option for many people. Used cars can cost thousands of dollars, an amount of money that it can take years to save. If you buy a cheap car, chances are you’ll pay much more for emergency repairs and maintenance than you would in interest. When trying to save for something more reliable, you’ll probably have to go without transportation while you save.

Leasing a car is an option that many people turn to because they believe that they will not have to complete a credit application. In fact, most dealerships that offer vehicles for lease will require lessees to go through a credit check. Even if you can get past this hurtle, however, a lease typically requires a down payment and a significant monthly payment. Remember that a dealership will only lease new cars; in other words, you’re paying for the markup on a new car, and you don’t get to own it when you’re done paying.

Your last option is to find a car loan. This requires you to make a monthly payment, and in some instances a small down payment. After you have paid off the vehicle, however, the car is yours. Of course, to get a loan, you have to show a bank that you’re likely to pay it back. If you have a low credit score, it’s possible that you won’t be able to prove this.

Rent To Own Cars vs. a Bad Credit Car Lease

There are a few differences between a rent to own car and auto leasing options. The primary difference is that a person will not own a car at the end of a bad credit car lease contract. The vehicle is instead returned to the company. A second difference is that there is no credit check required for a rent to own agreement, while there is one for a leasing agreement. This makes rent to own agreements more feasible for those where a car lease may not. There is a down payment that is required for rent to own vehicles while leasing a car does not always require one. Finally, if a person is leasing a vehicle and will own it at the end, he or she will have to pay for the repairs to his or her vehicle, whereas the repairs for a vehicle acquired through car lease programs are usually free.