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The Cash You Need Fast

At Loan 2 Payday, we understand that when you need a little cash to keep you afloat in the short-term, you need it fast. So we have developed a streamlined loan application process, that returns a rapid decision, and the funds you need very quickly.

Below is an overview of how our payday loan application process works, and what qualifying for approval requires.

Qualifying for a Payday Loan

The requirements for qualifying for a payday loan are very slight. In most cases, you will only need to prove the following:

  • You have a job – we require that you are in employment that generates a level of regular income capable of fulfilling your loan repayment commitment.
  • You have a bank account – by verifying your bank account, we can prove your identity and also ensure you have a way of receiving funds, and making repayments.
  • You are over 18 – Only adults can apply for a payday loan.

That’s it, this is all of the requirements you need to fulfil to be eligible for a payday loan. No worries about a bad credit rating or historic financial problems such as bankruptcy. In most cases, people who can fulfil these three key requirements, will receive the payday loan they want.

The Application Process

Applying for a payday loan through the Loan 2 Payday website is incredibly easy. The entire end-to-end application process only takes a few minutes of your time. We do all the hard work of matching your needs with the products offered by our panel of lenders. Typically, the loan application process proceeds like this:

  1. You fill in our online application form. We will take all of your key details, as well as your bank account information, so that we can verify your eligibility for a loan. At this stage you let us know how much you want to borrow, and for how long.
  2. Our advanced loan aggregation system will compare your specific needs, with a vast number of loan products from a wide range of lenders. It will select those that fit your requirements the best.
  3. You will be given a selection of one or more loan offers, from a number of lenders. You can review each offer, and decide which one you like the best.
  4. You will be redirected to the lender that offers the loan you have selected. You will be guided through the final application process for the specific payday loan.
  5. The lender will perform final checks to ensure that you are eligible for the loan they are offering. If you are eligible, you will receive a formal offer directly from the lender.
  6. You agree to the terms offered by the lender.
  7. The lender deposits the funds directly in to your bank account.

It really is that simple to receive the short-term funds you need extremely quickly. The entire process will only take a few minutes of your time.

No Documents Required

In most cases, you will not need to provide any documentation to support your loan application. However, from time to time, a lender may ask for additional proof of income, or employment status if they are having trouble verifying your initial application.